Who are Solarscope?

Solarscope manufacture hydrogen-alpha filter systems for observing the Sun.

With one of our filters fitted, the true dynamic majesty of our nearest star is revealed in its full glory. From complex looping magnetic fields to dark filaments and arching prominences, a Solarscope hydrogen-alpha filter will bring your view of the Sun to life.

Our Solarview (SV) range gives you a choice of all-in-one, dedicated solar telescopes. All you need to provide is a mount to hold the telescope steady. Apart from delivering a truly astounding performance, these are perfect grab and go scopes. You need never lose track of the Sun again with a Solarview scope.

If you miss attending your regular Astronomical Society meeting as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, please take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-kG7bqPquM  This series of lectures by Howard Parkin, one of the Isle of Man’s most prominent Astronomers, will be expanded over the coming weeks and months.

The Practical Astronomy Show 2020 has unfortunately been delayed due to COVID-19. The organisers are looking at alternative dates and as soon as a new date is known we will let you now. You can also find  further information on the show’s website: https://practicalastroshow.com


Solar Telescopes

Solarscope’s dedicated solar telescope range is called Solarview (SV) and has 50mm of unobstructed aperture.

Easy to use

Once the front mounted etalon and the rear blocking filter have been attached to your telescope – you’re ready to go out and enjoy the Sun.

Filter Systems

Solarscope Solar Filter (SF) systems allow you to convert your existing night time telescope into a powerful solar instrument.

Take your time

Get used what you’re seeing and enjoy the view. As your eyes become accustomed, you’ll be astounded by what you can see.

Solarscope manufacture h-alpha filters of the highest quality to bring you a view of the Sun that will astound and delight every time you use them


"I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on the production of an absolutely superb product. I purchased a 60mm Solarscope filter from Oceanside Photo & Telescope and took delivery of it shortly after the NEAF show. The quality of the manufacturing is excellent and the views provided are, to say the least, superb. The images are bright and provide excellent views of the surface and chromosphere. This past Saturday, everyone at the Orange County Astronomer's site in Anza enjoyed the views. I have adapter plates for both my Televue 102mm and William Optics Megrez 80mm telescopes - providing me with some nice, quick set up options. The filter was worth every penny that I spent. Thanks for making such a quality instrument."

Joe Busch

"I own both the 50mm double stack and 70mm double stacked SolarScope filters. They have been a pleasure to use. They provide very sharp images with even illumination across the field. People drool over them when they look thru them. Mechanically, they are also superb. They were spot on when I received them several years ago and remain so today. If you take the price of the filters and divide them by the number of hours I have used them, they are some of the least expensive instruments I own. I have been dealing with Ken for several years and his honesty and customer service is top notch. I was one of Ken`s early customers in the United States and am still very proud of and satisfied with my SolarScope H-alpha filters."

Dan Schechter